Train Through Play
October 21, 2021

Train Through Play

Why train through play? Why not? To help develop your puppy into a wholesome dog, your puppy needs play.  Play helps develop you and your puppies relationship, all while getting that primal energy out.  

Unused primal energy, is the basis for a lot of your puppies behavioral concerns.  With specific training tactics, puppies can help develop focus, maturation, and impulse control.  

Training with play will help feeds your puppy's needs, where as training with treats will only feed your puppy's wants.

"DROP IT" is a good exercise to practice with your pup: 

1) Use your non-dominant hand to lightly hold the leash about 10 second in advance 

2) Plant your base leg 

3) Say drop it 

4) Glue both hands to the side of your puppy's mouth and your base leg 

5) Wait

6) Claim, first with praise 

7) Possess without snatching the toy away from your puppy 

8) Wait while anticipating the sit 

9) Claim the stare while reinforcing the sit 

10) Proceed on to either tug or fetch 

Don't kill your puppy's natural drives.  Put them to work for you!