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The hydropup is the perfect source of water for your champion when your on the go! It’s a must have for outdoor adventures, walks, hikes, beach outings, and all your other on-the-go travel needs.

This stainless steel, portable/ travel water bottle keeps your champion happy and hydrated.

Comes with a reversible leaf-shaped bowl that unfolds when it’s time for your puppy to take a drink, and folds up  and lays flat over the bottle when not in use.

quickly and easily flip the silicone top to create a large cup for your puppy to drink from.

bottle holds 27 ounces of fresh water for pets. 

100% food safe and eco-friendly materials with BPA-free ABS bottle.

Champion Product Review

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
gary rosen
Nuggets sippy cup

Im glad I found this item in your store. I take Nugget to the park and some days no water is available or the water is dirty. With this cup I no longer have to worry,nugget has cold fresh water. It's convenient and easy to carry

Carole Range
Finally drinking!

Attempts to get Monet to drink out of stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, glass, and rubber bowls were unsuccessful. He accepted the HydroPup immediately and we now have a hydrated and healthy puppy. Thank you Beth.