Dog Dental Care Tooth Brushing Kit

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Maintain your Champion's healthy smile with the Champion dental care tooth brushing kit!

  • [ HELPS MAINTAIN CLEAN TEETH AND GUM HEALTH ] Dog dental care is important and can assist in reducing "puppy breath" Keep your canines mouth clean and smelling fresh.
  • [ 4 IN 1 DOG TOOTHBRUSH AND TOOTHPASTE KIT ] Easily brush the hard to reach places in your dog's mouth with the long, double-sided 9" toothbrush stick and scrub those plaque stains off their front teeth with the 2 double sided finger toothbrush for dogs.
  • [ SAFE AND EDIBLE PUPPY TOOTHPASTE ] Maintaining your Dog's oral health will be a breeze with our safe and edible BEEF flavored doggy toothpaste.
  • [ PERFECT FOR YOUR PET ] Our large or small dog toothbrush isn't just for dogs. Our pet toothpaste and toothbrush kit could just as easily be a cat toothbrush and toothpaste kit! Maintain your canine or felines oral health today!
  • [ WHAT'S INCLUDED] 2 x Double-Sided Finger Toothbrushes - 1 x Long 9" Double-Sided Pet Toothbrush Stick - 1 x 3.5oz Beef Flavored Pet Toothpaste.