Keep Em Busy Compressed Dog Bone 13 Pack

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Size: 10 Inch

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Don't just leave a chewing item on the ground and hope that it works. Offer your Champion Puppy a specific bone at a specific item and in an intentional way. As with all chewing products, please supervise your dog. Hard chews could damage a dogs teeth. Champion premium Grade compressed bones provide your dog with a naturally long lasting and flavorful chewing experience. Great for use in daily training to focus your champion’s chew drive and satisfy their needs in a productive and healthy way. LONGER LASTING: Thicker, more quality bones means more bang for your buck! NATURAL: Single ingredient beef hide. CLEANER TEETH: Fights tartar which means better smelling kisses from your Champion! VET APPROVED: This is not an old school overly processed bleached rawhide. QUALITY GUARANTEED: All bones are inspected to ensure your Champion’s satisfaction.